Call for submission for the fourth annual Celent Model Insurer Asia Award

Through our Model Insurer Asia Awards Program, Celent recognizes the top technology initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region. Past winners include Calliden Group (Australia), Partners Life (New Zealand), PICC Health (China), HDFC Standard Life Insurance (India), IndiaFirst Life Insurance (India), Nextia Life Insurance (Japan), Prudential Life Insurance Company of Korea, Baoviet Holdings (Vietnam), PT Prudential Life Assurance (Indonesia), HNB Assurance (Sri Lanka), AIG Asia Pacific, Zurich Insurance, to name a few. (View past winners of the Model Insurer Asia Awards ) Award criteria:
  • The initiative has been implemented at an insurance company, a company that takes on risks under the policies it sells in return for the payment of premiums
  • The nominated insurer has been involved in the submission
  • The nominated initiative is live and functioning
  • Quantitative success metrics are measured and provided
  • The initiative must have been implemented in the Asia Pacific region, and should not have been submitted for another Celent 2014 Award, e.g., Model Insurer
Nominations for Celent Model Insurer Asia Awards are currently being accepted. To nominate an initiative at your company as a model insurer component, please complete this nomination form. Please note that vendors are welcome to assist their client insurers with their nominations, however vendors/suppliers are not qualified to receive an award. All nominations MUST include insurer contact information, and all follow-up will be done with the insurer, not the vendor. The importance of the quality of the nomination itself, and of the supporting information, cannot be overemphasized. The nomination should be as specific, accurate, and complete as possible. It is imperative that the true merits of the initiative be conveyed through this information. Keep in mind that in most cases those involved in the selection process will have no personal knowledge of the nominated initiative and will lean heavily on the information provided below for the information they need to make reasonable judgments.  In some cases, Celent will check publicly available information to augment or substantiate the information provided. The deadline for nominations is November 29, 2013. Winners of this year’s awards will be announced at the Model Insurer Asia Summit in March 2014 in Singapore. A report including winner case studies will be published on the same day of the event.

Celent Model Insurer Asia – Nominations now open

Celent’s Model Insurer awards have become a standard for recognizing excellence in technology best practice at insurers globally. Insurance in Asia faces its own set of business challenges and insurance technology has evolved along a distinctive–and sometimes more advanced–path. For these reasons, Celent is conducting an Asia specific program to identify the potentially unique “model insurer” components that have recently been deployed in the Asia-Pacific region: Celent Model Insurer Asia. Celent is pleased to announce that it is now accepting submissions for Model Insurer Asia 2012. This report is designed to illustrate best practice use of IT in the Asian insurance industry. Celent will highlight examples from individual Asian insurers in short case studies, and cite them as “Celent Model Insurer Components.” In addition to having their best practice case study publicized in the media, each featured insurer will receive an award at a formal awards ceremony later in the year. We anticipate featuring initiatives from 20-25 insurers in case studies of 100-300 words. We would like to invite insurance companies in the Asia Pacific region to submit a nomination. Our online nomination form is at here We also welcome technology vendors completing the nomination on behalf of insurance company, but please make sure that the insurance company know you are nominating them. We will contact insurance company directly to review the nomination and draft their Model Insurer Asia case study. The deadline of nomination is July 31, 2011. If you would like to learn more about the Model Insurer Asia initiative please refer to the Model Insurer Asia 2011 report. Please contact me for any question.